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From Jp – A(nother) Salute to Breakfast

May 12, 2015
Lately, April has seemed to be the busiest time of year at Touchstone. Three years ago, we debuted A Resting Place, a community-based work commemorating the Civil War.  Two years ago we debuted Ulysses Dreams.  Last year, we debuted Journey:  Dream of the Red Pavilion, and this year, Journey from the East. All of these productions take a lot of work to make happen, but the gods seem to smile on me when things get stressful at this time of the year, because without fail, right around this time of year, Wawa runs their breakfast sandwich special.  That’s right: the 2 for $3 Sizzli deal. And it’s not just me; cast members, crew members, they all take advantage of this beacon of bacon hope to help them through their day.
I’d like to take this brief opportunity to thank Wawa for synching their schedule up with ours so we all remain fed during this busy time of year.  Wawa, you’re a real class act.  Thank you!
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