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From Lisa – “Cool. Thanks. Jinx!”

May 22, 2015

There are often claims of “brain twin”-ness around Touchstone. We all work together so much and for so many years now that “sharing a brain” is natural – and quite helpful. Very often this happens between Emma and I, probably because we are/were both stage managers and our brains often jump through the same thought processes at production or company meetings. It also helps when we have our one-on-one meetings, since our agendas are then similar, and we are already in sync with a number of things (Evidenced by the title of this blog entry – Cool. Thanks. Jinx! – which is how we ended our meeting yesterday morning, accidentally speaking in unison) (which we’ve never done before, but my guess is we will do again at some point!)

Apparently our brain twin-ness is crossing over into wardrobe now, too. We kinda knew we might be wearing similar colors, but then the night of the Young Playwrights’ Festival, this happened….

Brain and dress twins - or triplets. Not pictured - Emma's matching black cardigan. Photo by Anthony Medici

Brain and dress twins (or triplets). Not pictured – Emma’s matching black cardigan. Photo by Anthony Medici

Jennie must have got the brain twin memo that night, too, because she wore the “Touchstone uniform”, as folks starting calling it. I guess when you spend a lot of time with the same people, you start thinking and dressing alike! For more pictures of Young Playwrights (and people not in uniform) go here.

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