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From Bill – Stand Aside, Mural Coming Through!

March 31, 2015

Being a “professional artist”—which is a sort of dichotomy of terms, though there are those who have done it I’m sure (Van Gogh perhaps, but then again he was destitute, and I wonder what kind of plays Shakespeare would have written if he didn’t have to worry about box office or pleasing clergy and royalty)—as far as this person is concerned, requires a good deal of flapping of the wings to stay afloat—the ability to handle a number of different jobs simultaneously.

As I shared last time around, we’re all fully engaged:  I just walked through the building and Emma was working on tech considerations for Journey from the East, Lisa was at a Building Bridges workshop for the Intermediate Unit, Jp was working on the possibility of growing our apprentice program into a degree-giving graduate program, Mary was focused on Young Playwrights Festival and getting the directors in order, our apprentices Anna and Remy were hard at work getting their final presentation for the Integration of Abilities class ready. And I’m on this blog—between a possible real estate question, a class plan with Hester for Bucks County Playhouse and how to secure a building for the zip line we hope to have our Cannibal Sandy enter on during Act I of Journey from the East!

One of the most interesting things happening right now, as I write, is that downstairs Jim Gloria is putting together a mural to go on the not so attractive back side of our building.  With the financial help of a Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce initiative and growing out of the exquisite renderings of our Chinese friends—The Utopia Group, Deng Dafei and He Hai—we hope to have a beautiful image up before the end of the month.  Take a look at my sketchy little phone video.

(And, if anyone’s interested in helping paint or put it up, give me a call –  610-867-1689. Like I said:  so much excellent work to do!)

See you at the show!  Journey from the East is coming! Think good thoughts for the weather and join us.

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