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From Jp – The Rising Cost of Breakfast and the Importance of Cross-Cultural Pollination

April 28, 2016

So… I’m running late for work and don’t have time to eat breakfast at home, but wouldn’t ya know it…  I’ll be passing a Wawa. I stop and again, wouldn’t ya know it, it’s April, so it’s Wawa Sizzli special month! You may recall my previous posts, one from when we were mounting A Resting Place and one last year when we were mounting Journey from the Eastand how I’ve explained that the 2-for-$3 Sizzli special is a life saver when you’re neck-deep in launching high-intensity outdoor productions, and wouldn’t you know it… on this day, I was on my way to rehearse at an outside venue for our current production of Bhudoo!

But after years of the 2-for-$3 Sizzli special, it appears to be a page in the history books, or my blog entries. 20160425_102125

Yep, they raised the price. C’est la vie. But as they say, “Nothing lasts forever,” including my broken heart, which was assuaged by the sight of this beauty in the warmer! 20160425_102614

Dios mío! This thing was (expletive) delicious! That’s the thing about change: it’s uncomfortable at first, but ya never know what kind of awesome it can bring. Viva Chorizo!

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