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From Bill – Remembering Barbara

July 20, 2018

Bill and Barbara in “Petrushka,” Godfrey Daniels, 1977. Directed & Choreographed by Barbara Pearson

To the Touchstone family,

Allow us a moment, here at Touchstone, to grieve, please.

We lost Barbara Pearson this last week.  As you may know, Barbara was the widow of Professor John Pearson, the inspiration for much of the work that started us off back in the early 70’s and still inspires us here at 321 E. 4th Street (you walk under John’s name whenever you go into our little studio theatre).  After John’s passing in 1976, she was a founder of People’s Theatre Company, the precursor to Touchstone, and at a time when she was still pregnant with her third child (Mary), having just lost her adored husband to a sudden heart attack, she selflessly supported Bridget and myself and the very difficult work that led to the formation of Touchstone Theatre. Those of you who were there to watch know of what I speak.  Her brilliant, funny, creative fire, extraordinary compassion, unrelenting work ethic, and indomitable spirit held us up in those early years, protected us, guided us, challenged us; and today, 42 years later, at her passing, it feels like an impossibly great loss.

There are so many, many memories from all those years until now, full of that dual pain and joy that comes from having loved and lived passionately.

In Barbara’s last days… it was very difficult, certainly for her family as well.  Neighbors circled around to support her and her dear Victor and Mary.  I did not visit but wrote some words we asked Mary to read to her.  A few of those I can share:

My dear and darling Barbara…  know you live inside us … in our hearts and minds.  Your fierce, no nonsense love.  Your passionate burning imagination.  Your courage.



Barbara’s obituary here.


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