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From Jp – The Punch is Back

October 5, 2016

Last February, I wrote about a new band that was forming to play at The Lesson Center’s Leukemia and Lymphoma Society benefit, which featured some of Touchstone’s closest friends and family. Now, seven months later, Jakopa’s Punch once again enters the rehearsal studio, this time to build a first of its kind musical puppet processional to grace the South Side Greenway in July of 2017.  If you missed us on the band’s first outing, we covered three songs by the legendary David Bowie (seen here and here).

This time around, our mission is to write a brand new hour-long composition that will be the background score for said processional, but before getting to that, we’ve decided that it’d be best if we held a little concert for y’all. Nothing builds a band better than getting a few cover songs under your belt, so on February 18, one night only at Bethlehem’s Ice House, we will unveil some of our new material and treat you to some favorite classics of the band.

Amongst the cover tunes we’re currently throwing together for the event…

Let’s Go Crazy
Windmills of your Mind
Tears of a Clown
Town without Pity
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Sugar Shack
The Throne Room (Star Wars)
One Night in Bangkok

and the Overture from Cats the musical

We’ve unfortunately lost our viola player Anna Russell, who is too busy with other awesomeness to commit to the rehearsal schedule, but in turn we picked up Silagh White on Bassoon (!) and Jeff Roberts on all things stringed (!) who will add to the already eclectic lineup of Jakopa’s Punch:


Emma Chong – flute, uke, backing vocals
Erick Black – percussion, backing vocals
Dan Leathersich – guitar, backing vocals
Jason Hedrington – accordion, backing vocals
Steven Barnett – horns, guitars, backing vocals
Christopher Shorr – theremin, backing vocals
Jp Jordan – lead vocals, trumpet


Throughout this process, I hope to include all of you as well. As musical themes are generated, or story fragments and ideas start to grow,  I’ll be finding a means (probably Facebook) for you all to give feedback on what you’re hearing and offer your own suggestion of where the story or the music might go. 

We’re all looking forward to making some beautiful music with you! 13925786_1049873295081349_6661160438379242434_o

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  1. October 6, 2016 9:14 am

    I’m excited. Go Punchniks!

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