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From Jp – After a Much Needed Rest

January 21, 2015

The first half of our 2014-15 season has been one that all of us here at Touchstone were very proud of. On top of the continuation of all our award winning educational programs,we were able to bring three amazing productions to the Touchstone stage.

We started the season with our new Hungarian friends, Maladype Theatre, in their tour de force King Ubu. The precision and energy that Maladype brings to their work is something that will inspire the Touchstone Ensemble for a long time to come. For a reminder of the brilliance which is Maladype or to see what you missed, check out this trailer from their King Ubu show.

Next, we were honored to bring in Doug Roysdon’s Mock Turtle Marionette and their collaboration with Anne Hills, The Morningtime of Now. The show based around the 100 year old nature writings of Opal Whiteley is true world class puppet work. Watching this production reminded me of how blessed we are to have the brilliance of Doug Roysdon in our community.


Last but not least, we wrapped up the fall with Christmas City Follies XV. That’s right… fifteen! Great reviews, great audience reaction, this iteration was considered by some attendees as the “best Follies yet.” This is the 10th Christmas City Follies I have worked on, and I continue to be amazed with the creativity and talent of my peers at Touchstone. Thank you all for being such great partners.


Now here we are with the second half of our season kicking off! All rested, we look forward to Allentown Public Theatre’s True West, the mega-epic culmination to the Journey from the East project, our Young Playwrights’ Festival and Gala and last but not least, the Touchstone Apprentice Fresh Voices showcase.

On behalf of myself and the Touchstone Ensemble: may your New Year be filled with amazing art!

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