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From Lisa – Apprentice Graduation, June 2014

June 25, 2014

It’s that time of year again – graduation! For Touchstone, sometime between end of May and the end of July is when our annual apprentice class “graduates”. Unlike typical graduations, it doesn’t involve walking down an aisle or cap and gowns, though it does, of course, involve a stage.

apps top of year

The 2013-14 Apprentices began their journey with us last year on September 3rd with an Orientation Day, followed by the start of classes and helping out with Vegfest the rest of that week. The above picture was taken in their new office space – “The Apprenti Corner”. Those three smiling, eager-to-begin faces are Jordan, Cathy, and Mallory. It’s hard to believe that was ten months ago!

apps mid of year

Over the course of the year, we get to know them and they us through the classes the Ensemble teaches the apprentices (pic above is from Bill’s class), in the rehearsal room creating theatre, in the classroom teaching arts-in-educations programs, and everywhere in between. The energy the apprentices as a group bring into the company is real and affects our working environment more than they probably realize. A hardworking, calm, funny, thoughtful, creative group like this one is a HUGE part of the success of this year.

apps end of year

The picture above is them rehearsing for their Fresh Voices ensemble piece, which premiered last weekend. If you were lucky enough to see it, you probably felt how well these three worked together, onstage and off. Jordan, the youngest and only male, incredibly open to learning everything he possible can, and one of the most pleasant (and often accidently hilarious) people you’ll ever work with during stress-free and stressful times (that smile is no joke); Mallory, the singer, the dancer, the knower-of-all things-nerdy, who brought with her an intelligence and powerful theatrical range; and finally, Cathy, the clown, an independent creative thinker, who’s no slouch when it comes to challenging herself and audiences.

apps soli

This week marks the last one of the 2013-14 Apprenticeship. We are fortunate to have spent the last ten months with them and can’t wait to see what they create, teach, make, do, and contribute to the world of theatre next – Happy Graduation!

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