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From Jp – Honoring the Passing of Great Talent

February 14, 2014

With this title, I’m betting most of you are thinking that I’m going to eulogize Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Perhaps that’s been done enough. I’m not saying that with indifference either; I just kind of feel really weird inside, sometimes, about the way we deify junkies and suicide cases and just skirt over the death of uber-talents who managed to live full lives and die of old age.

I’m certainly not qualified to tell you whether that kind of living is a disease or just plain selfishness, but what I do know is that this week two major talents passed naturally after living full lives and contributing to society more than most ever will. I’m guessing neither of them are going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.



Thanks for the laughs!

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  1. February 18, 2014 10:34 am

    Not funny, Jp. Good point. Very good point indeed–though they did get significant coverage in the NYTimes. So happy to see “the big picture” emphasized.

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