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From Jp – Faust in France

November 9, 2012

Touchstone Ensemble Affiliate Christopher Shorr has recently closed his debut production of Faust in France (Christopher is the head of Moravian College’s Theatre program and a brilliant independent artist). This adaptation of Marlowe’s original puts Faust in a German trench during World War I. His goal… to create mustard gas.

For four years now, Christopher and I have been collaborating on production design. Our first collaboration was a production of Oedipus at Moravian College. Since then, we’ve collaborated on design of over a dozen projects, on top of writing two musicals together. I wanted to take a moment to show you some photos of our latest design brought to life. I believe it to be one of our most exciting.

I’d like to add into this a special thanks to Jeff Reidy (our Master Carpenter on the project), Emma Chong (Stage Manager and Associate Lighting Designer) and Rob White (Carpenter). Thank you all for bringing this Jordan and Shorr design to life.

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