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From Lisa – Costume PANic!

September 21, 2012

It’s two weeks away, which means I have 336 hours left to make, beg, borrow, and buy 54, that’s right 54 (I just counted… and then fainted …), costumes for The Pan Show.

This past weekend and subsequent week entailed searching the Internet for a new Chairman Mao cap, French maid costumes, 50’s style bathing suits (which I found for only $6, yay! But when they arrived today, apparently it was just a top, no bottoms. Oh, the joys of Internet shopping…), plus many more finds that are coming in daily. Mail time is so much fun this week! I also scoured the discount and thrift shops looking for some kind of outfit and add ons that could go from “heavy metal cheerleader” to “Greek solider” to “Greek stripper”. Definitely got some strange looks as I bought three matching sequin zebra mini-skirts, especially since the rest of the purchase included very professional looking business attire for the White House staff cast members. I felt the need to explain why I was buying such an odd mix, which was promptly met with, “Ooooh, okay, I was wondering.” I also received the comment, “You must really have a lot to clean!” when purchasing the accompanying feather dusters for the French maids. And twice on Monday I said, “Sorry I missed your call, I was out of the office this morning picking up a Panda,” which was met with much confusion and then laughter.

I’m sure the following two weeks will be filled with a combination of despair – “How will I ever get this done, and done well?” – and joy – “Hurray, I finally figured out a solution to that costume piece that’s been my Achilles heel!” But 336 hours from now, all the actors will have costumes – many, many costumes – the show will open, and I can relax and enjoy… until Follies kicks in!

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  1. Margie permalink
    September 22, 2012 9:50 am

    Oh, I remember, I remember…. So very much wish I could see this production! And I love that, after always talking about “Follies After Dark” and such, that y’all are doing the kind of work you want — doing work for “mature audiences”. The same kind of stuff comes up teaching/directing in academic theatre — I’m directing a production of “The Jungle Book” right now, and many of the cast members want to also do an “alternative” production where we get to keep in all of the inappropriate stuff that we laugh at at rehearsals!
    Break legs (or horns?), all!

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